Plan & Spec

Plan and Spec reflects a method of project delivery where an architect designs a project and multiple construction companies will bid on that project. These projects will usually be for large developers or national retailers who already have a proven model, or for projects on a larger more complex scale such as a hospital or distribution facility. With the ever increasing number of shopping centers and chain retailers expanding across the country, plan and spec projects are predominately the preferred method. The underlying beauty behind acquiring plan and spec projects is not only the consistency in the end user’s systems and expectations, but also maintaining lasting relationships for any future needs the client might have. Mostly, our Plan and Spec clients become repeat clients later down the road. This allows us to continue to build on the steadfast reputation that McDowell Construction already has.

Our level of accountability for Plan and Spec projects is equivalent to that of our Design Build projects. McDowell Construction is known for our uncompromising quality from conception to completion, and our Plan and Spec projects are no exception. Our project development experience and ability to stay on budget makes us the natural choice for commercial building on the Plan and Spec level.

McDowell Construction is a commercial construction company based out of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. McDowell Construction focuses on commercial construction work. The building markets for McDowell Construction include retail buildings, strip malls, medical buildings, light industrial buildings and entertainment facilities. McDowell Construction contracts with specialized trade partners to produce the highest quality of work possible. McDowell Construction is located at 196 Stonebridge Drive Unit D in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.