McDowell Construction

Throughout four generations, the McDowell family name has been synonymous with the construction field. “My family has historically worked in the trades” says the company’s President, Ed McDowell, “It’s just what we did.” Achieving designations such as Master Carpenter, Master Builder, and Builder of the Year was evidence that reflected the work ethic and dedication to the trade and the men they worked with. “We have built projects for some of the most prominent names in society. That speaks volumes about the type of product we produce.” It is these same values of hard work and dedication that have shaped McDowell Construction into what it is today.

Starting after high school and working through various disciplines of the trades such as concrete, structural framing and mechanical systems, Ed specialized in custom woodworking. It was the understanding and knowledge of these disciplines that eventually led him to the management of these fields. “We used to self perform a lot of renovation projects, but after relocating to Myrtle Beach new construction was the primary focus,” McDowell Construction thrived in this market through the culmination of trade experience and management skills. The determination to produce a superior product was evident in the homes they built. “I really enjoyed the years of custom residential. The ability to exceed my client’s expectations was instrumental in the future development of the company.”

In 2005, McDowell Construction started its transition from residential to commercial construction. This change in focus proved to be invaluable as the residential market began to erode in early 2007. “The timing couldn’t have been better. With several years of commercial experience and an established client base, we were able to sustain in spite of the collapse of the housing market.” Throughout those next few years, Ed spent a significant amount of time establishing its system of business and evaluating its history. The result was a systematic process of construction and management that has allowed McDowell Construction to effectively expand into regional markets. “I spent many years writing the manual for process and procedure. Its implementation has produced quality projects that are consistently on budget and ahead of schedule, and that makes for very satisfied clients.”

The future of McDowell Construction looks very promising. By recruiting fresh talent, staying on the cutting edge of technology, and employing the best construction practices, McDowell Construction anticipates becoming a generational company. They will continually strive to exceed their client’s expectations in the products they produce. “I’m excited about what the future holds for McDowell Construction. It’s this meshing together of what we’ve learned in the past and what we anticipate for the future that enables us to succeed in the present.”

McDowell Construction is a commercial construction company based out of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. McDowell Construction focuses on commercial construction work. The building markets for McDowell Construction include retail buildings, strip malls, medical buildings, light industrial buildings and entertainment facilities. McDowell Construction contracts with specialized trade partners to produce the highest quality of work possible. McDowell Construction is located at 196 Stonebridge Drive Unit D in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.