Design Build

The concept of design build is to create a unified flow of the progress of a project from conception to completion. At McDowell Construction, we offer our clients the option of a design build approach to streamline the construction process through every phase of the project. Design build allows for open communication between the owner and general contractor to be efficient and effective while also keeping the project on time and on budget. Gaining better control of costs at conception, fast tracking the project, and having the ability to anticipate issues of constructability allows for better overall project control. A true design build project affords the owner a single source for accountability in that the contract is solely with the design builder.

McDowell Construction as the design builder is responsible to produce a project that will suit the client’s needs and be delivered on time and within budget as its parameters. This process can avoid many of the pitfalls that occur in more traditional plan and spec projects such as designing a building outside of the budget range, issues of constructability, and bridging the gap between the design team and general contractor. McDowell Construction is well versed in the pros and cons of this process and strives to eliminate the common setbacks of some other methods. Partnering with McDowell Construction on this process ensures better cost control, timely delivery and effective communication with a single source for responsibility.

McDowell Construction is a commercial construction company based out of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. McDowell Construction focuses on commercial construction work. The building markets for McDowell Construction include retail buildings, strip malls, medical buildings, light industrial buildings and entertainment facilities. McDowell Construction contracts with specialized trade partners to produce the highest quality of work possible. McDowell Construction is located at 196 Stonebridge Drive Unit D in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.